November 10 2017

The Power of Community Learning

Kevin Skinner, PhD, LMFT, CSAT, EMDR-C

It’s easy to imagine that some things have to be the way they’ve always been. That cars have to be fueled by gas. That phones are just a way to make a call. And that healing and recovery is solely the result of one-on-one therapy sessions done a few times a month.

With the internet we’re able to bring communities of people together. People who share a connection, all working towards the same goal. People all over the world are learning and connecting more deeply, finding support, healing, and hope. You don’t have to do it alone. There’s a whole community of others waiting to receive you with love and empathy.

One of the surprising benefits of learning and healing as a community is that you get to talk about your work, explore your specifics and work with others in discovering what can work for you. This is something we can deliver in a format that’s almost impossible in a book or lecture alone.

The impact that our YouBloom Program has had on the hundreds of women who have enrolled is just stunning. It’s a transformative three month experience that helps people see things differently and gives them the support and momentum to move forward with hope for a brighter future.

Here’s a note from a recent YouBloom Program participant.

“At the end of this week I feel so energized and so happy. I feel confident and I feel hope in myself. I feel that all of the connection I experienced this week attributed to these positive feelings. The sense of self worth I feel despite the challenges I face, is such a great gift. I feel more patience and self compassion for myself and it’s such a relief!

Over the past year or so I have really isolated myself not wanting to talk about my life with anyone and I guess in some way not feeling worthy of being with others. I am moving past that now, learning to love who I am right now without judgment! I reached out to two different neighbors that needed help and I agreed to meet with some childhood friends that I may not have in the past! I am learning to accept myself for all I am right now with all of my imperfections! I am worthy of love and happiness just the way I am.

Thank you BLOOM!”

Our next session of the YouBloom Program begins on November 13th.

PS if you decide to join us don’t miss the purple circle at the bottom of the program page. We have a secret discount there, but it gets a little smaller every day, an advantage for people ready to leap.

About the Author

Dr. Kevin Skinner is the co-founder and Clinical Director of Bloom, an online company for women working to heal from the trauma of infidelity and betrayal. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, he's been helping individuals and families for over 18 years. He's authored the best-selling books “Treating Pornography Addiction”, and "Treating Trauma From Sexual Betrayal." As a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists, he's worked with and trained other clinicians as a supervisor and presenter. He has created online assessments for more than 250,000 individuals that center on relationship intimacy, betrayal trauma and pornography and sex addiction. These assessments serve as a helpful guide to developing the best treatment for people who want to work toward recovery.