Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bloom?

Bloom offers therapeutic online courses and a supportive community designed by clinical experts for women who want to heal from the trauma of infidelity, betrayal, harassment, or assault. We believe that healing is possible and that everything you need to take the next step is already inside you. We’re here to help you discover it.

Bloom was born in 2015 when a team of therapists and personal growth experts realized that the women they were working with were stuck in the trauma of their broken relationships. These women were seeking more than just recovery or therapy, they were seeking a way to move forward with fulfillment, clarity, and more authentic living. They were seeking wholeness.

Our courses are hands-on. Each course is led by one of our experts and sustained by a safe, incredible community of women. Bloom creates a space and experience to support you as you build strong relationships, walk your path, and grow your heart, your confidence, your courage and your future.

Thousands of women from 13 countries have participated in our courses, and more women are joining us daily. The Bloom experience is guided, with weekly assignments, accountability, support, group discussions, and Q&A sessions with our clinical team. It is entirely based online, with individuals participating from home during the times that work best for them.

Cost to join our community is $10 / month. There are no contracts, participants can cancel anytime and we honor a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Participants include stay-at-home moms, working moms, single women, students, and really any woman seeking the tools to move forward and create the life they want.


What is the program schedule?

Bloom is built around a “go at your own pace” philosophy. Do what you can when you can. You will receive weekly prompts to get involved in our Q&A calls as well as information about featured courses. Be where you are when you are. Be prepared to work hard, explore, practice, and learn.


What is the curriculum like?

There are five core issues that hold us back.

  • Trauma
  • Self-worth
  • Shame
  • Acceptance
  • Love

Our curriculum covers topics inside of each of these categories that helps you understand your trauma, increase self-worth, breakthrough shame, discover acceptance, and live with whole-hearted love.


What can I expect?

Unlike traditional therapy, coaching or self-help programs, our courses are hands-on. Your time will be spent taking action and producing work, meaning that you’ll learn concepts and immediately put them into action. The work involves completing worksheets, doing activities, and getting feedback from our clinical team.

Most of our participants have full-time jobs and/or stay-at-home parenting schedules. We’ve created an experience that will stretch you, but will still be manageable given your real-life responsibilities.


Who is the ideal Bloom participant?

Our courses are for those who want to heal and then move forward in life. Those that are tired of feeling alone and isolated and want to wake up each morning excited about life. Those that are ready to commit to a better life.

Typical participants include stay-at-home moms, working moms, single women, students, and really any woman seeking the tools to create the life they want.

Is Bloom right for you? Hear from our participants who have been there.

Regardless of your background or function, Bloom is for people that want to see change in their life. It’s for women who want to more joy and more becoming.


How is the program structured?

This is an action-oriented program, a program designed to create real change. It’s expertly guided and structured to first help you heal and then find the edge of your comfort zone and expand it.

We offer expansive library of courses that features classes that tackle a number of important topics. However, this program is about more than videos, the focus is on creating change through effort and work.


How much time can I expect to spend on Bloom each week?

It’s going to take time. Creating change always does.

Monday through Wednesday we recommend that participants block off time for reviewing course videos, completing assignments and activities for the week.

Different from most online programs, Bloom infuses human interaction into the program each week with our clinical team. Each week there will be a live call to answer your questions. That call will run for roughly 60 minutes.