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November 30 2016
Scabs, Program Director

There always seems to be, relationship bumps and disconnections that feel impossible to navigate. Maybe ignoring, bulldozing or building resentments seem easier? Our guest shares how assertiveness is often the answer. “Assertiveness is the path to connection love authenticity and being known.” Being assertive in the Dr. Julie de Azevedo Hanks way can create more […]

November 28 2016
Kimberli Howard, Guest Writer

It’s been one year since the death of my daughter’s friend. She was only 15. She, her father and two brothers were in the car, when a drunk driver hit them head on. I have been very weepy today. Katie’s death was the 4th of someone close to our family, in the span of little over a year.

November 21 2016
alishageary, Director of Content Development

In the United States, THE HOLIDAYS are upon us, and most of the world will be celebrating big holidays in the next month. What most people think of as “the most wonderful time of the year,” can actually by quite painful for a lot of us. Whether it is the stress of trying to have […]

November 11 2016
Scabs, Program Director

This Love Rice episode is about decisions and self-care. It’s really fascinating to me how we can talk circles around an idea like trust your gut and think we get it, but when we add the context of something physical and unrelated, like remodeling and painting your kitchen table, a whole new depth of understanding […]

October 26 2016
alishageary, Director of Content Development

“Hi, I’m Alisha and I tell the important stories.”

One of the things that has helped me through the hardest times is figuring out a point to my life, a purpose, a driving theme that isn’t connected to my roles, or job, or financial status. I used to call myself a teacher, but then I wasn’t. I am a writer, but that’s just what I do for work. I ask myself, “what is the thing that gives me life that isn’t related to money or media or my relationship status?”

October 25 2016
Scabs, Program Director

It was Sunday, the day I nap. I was in that half-awake, half-asleep moment when I heard a desperate scream. Rolling over, I tried to crawl back into my dream but shot awake when the scream suddenly became clear and familiar! Racing through the house, I followed the wild cries of my seven-year-old son. “Help me! Help! Mom! MOM!!”

October 24 2016
Scabs, Program Director

Our guest this episode, Dr. Reedy, LMFT, is the owner and clinical director of Evoke Therapy Programs which specializes in wilderness therapy for teens, young adults, and families. Although we talk about parenting, this conversation and Dr. Reedy’s online class at Bloom gave me a more depth of understanding about healthy adult relationships and the need for setting boundaries. If you’re seeking more direction and courage for yourself and your relationships, this episode will stir ideas to help you discover what actions you can take.

October 19 2016
sariahfor bloom, Yoga Therapist and Bloom Retreat Specialist

I like pizza. I think it has the most flavorful, delicious, amazing taste on the entire planet. Imagine, the perfect crust; just the right amount of cheese; and an unbelievable assortment of toppings. In fact, I like to think of myself as a pizza. An entire, eight slice, fully loaded pizza.

October 17 2016
Emily Ruth, Content Staff Writer

Self care doesn’t always look like a massage and pedicure at a vacation resort. Sure, sometimes that is exactly what it means, but I am seeing that taking care of myself more often looks like saying “no” to a project that sounds exciting, but doesn’t quite feel aligned with my purpose. When we practice letting ourselves be still, and tune into our internal compass, it becomes easier to recognize what self care should look like. Remember that at times, in order to be spared the flood, we have to get quiet. And listen.

October 15 2016
Scabs, Program Director

I’ve had a thousand conversations with myself about what I could or couldn’t do in my life. When considering a big change, I’ve mapped it out, planned it out, and then ripped it up and tossed it through the window because there was too much pain and too many unknowns. It’s easy to get knotted up in the hows, whats, and whys instead of taking the kind of leaps that change everything in our lives. It can be paralyzing. You are not alone, I feel it too. If you’ve had any experience teetering on this edge, our Love Rice episode with New York Times Best Selling author, spiritual teacher, author, fellow podcaster for the RobCast and white t-shirt and jeans wearing family man Rob Bell will speak to you.